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F*ck your fees, Students won’t pay for bankers’ crisis!

When ex-oil baron Lord Browne released his review of higher education funding yesterday, it was met with demonstrations and defiance by students and lecturers’ unions alike.

Students occupied roads in London and demonstrated in Leeds over plans to burden students with tens of thousands of pounds of debt.

The figures are plain. The government wants to reduce the funding of university places by up to 90%. The consequences for higher education are devastating.

The government, along with their lieutenants in the Russell Group are enthusiastically posing this massacre as giving ‘choice’ back to students. The ‘choice’ whether or not to end up with £50k debt for a degree.

With the government set to slash all funding except to departments considered vital to their interests (Engineering, Health), the humanities will return to being the playground of the privileged few who have pockets deep enough to ‘make the choice’ to pay for university.

No-one who has been campaigning for the past year against the £35m cuts at Leeds Uni was surprised by VC Michael Arthur’s unseemly enthusiasm for the Browne recommendations live on Channel 4 last night.

The breaking up and marketisation of Higher education comes at the same time as the national roll-out of Academies for secondary and primary schools.

Students and staff know that this attack on education is just the first offensive in the bosses’ efforts to smash the welfare state, privatising it to pay for the £1 trillion bank bailouts.

Yesterday students across the country sent the message loud and clear to the millionaire coalition that we won’t take this lying down.

LUAC will be joining thousands of students in London on 10.11.10 for a demonstration with NUS and UCU to protest against attacks on jobs and education.

Read the Browne Review here

See for more details of yesterday’s events and to get involved in building a national resistance.

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LUAC Regrouped & ready for new struggles

Hello, welcome back =]

Cuts and resistance will definitely be the watchword on campus this year, which is why Leeds University Against Cuts is back on the road, prepared for action after the giant attacks on Education announed by the Tories over the summer Read More…

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LUU Exec’s wishful thinking exposed?

An e-mail has been sent round which has a typo wrongly stating Motion 1 passed when in actual fact thanks to all your good selves, it failed.

The Campaigns and Democracy department assure us that it was nothing but a casual typo and, except for Education First, we have no reason to doubt them. Read More…

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Classics Dept. is latest casualty of ‘Economies Excercise’

This has been circulated:

“The Department with much regret and in response to severe economic
pressures, has formally proposed to the School of Humanities (21/4/10)
that the full degrees in Greek, Latin and Classics should be discontinued, with a final intake in September 2010.
Read More…

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Motion 1 Falls – a victory for students and staff!

Motion 1, put forward by LUU Education Officer Mike Gladstone, which would have undermined legal and democratic strikes held by Unions on campus, has failed!

The motion, which stated, Read More…

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Sussex students talk about defending education

The National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts organised a speakers tour at student unions across the country, to share the experiences of the victories at Sussex. Last Wednesday the tour came to LUU…

Read More…

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Solidarity with Westminster Students!

Via text from Westminster University at 6.15pm:

‘100 students storm board of governors meeting and confront management, 40 now occupying VC’s office and are not going to leave!’

Read More…

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Q&A with the Vice-Chancellor

Tuesday, 02 March 2010


LUU ARC Conference hall

A LUU-run event, and likely to be the usual in stage-managed evasiveness. Interesting for those who want to know what the management’s current position is on their reversal over job cuts.

The facebook page for the event is here.

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Arts Against Cuts

Ye Are Many, They Are Few

Wednesday 03 March


Riley Smith Hall, Leeds University Union

Higher Education is being attacked. The £915 million that the government is threatening to cut from the HE budget would, in the words of our Vice Chancellor, will “have a devastating effect […] on students and staff”. Leeds UCU have been driven to strike in fear of losing their jobs.

Read More…

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Defend Jobs – Defend Education UCU Rally

From UCU Leeds

There will be a regional rally and demonstration on Thursday 4 March both to recognise the determination and strength of all members at Leeds and as part of the national union’s ‘Defend jobs, defend education’ campaign. The rally will start at 1pm in the Victoria Gardens, Leeds central. Speakers include UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt and UCU President, Alastair Hunter alongside Leeds UCU Officers and local MPs. Please make every effort to attend, bring your colleagues, your friends and family.

Students from Leeds Uni, Leeds Met, and Leeds City College will be going along to show our support. Meet at Parky Steps at 12.30 and we’ll walk down together to the Rally and give the staff confidence as we turn up on mass in support of their cause.

Join the facebook group here

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