Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | February 28, 2010

Student rally ends in Parkinson sit-in


On Thursday 25th, around 100 students and dozens of lecturers attended a rally called by Leeds University Against Cuts to support the UCU, and demonstrate students’ anger with cuts.

The UCU had been due to take 3 days of strike action on the 25th Feb and 2nd and 4th of March, but the action was called off after management concessions withdrew the threat of imminent job losses.

Numbers were relatively high considering strike action had been called off, and after a short rally outside the Arnold Ziff building, students went into the entrance hall of the Parkinson to hold a mass meeting.

The concessions by uni bosses reveal that they are worried by the growing campaign against cuts and the increasing support for the lecturers strike.

However the threat of devastating cuts still looms ominously over Leeds Uni – UCU have only secured agreement for negotiation process through university senate – the real struggle is yet to come.

Henry inspires with Shelley

We should use the links we have made with staff to make the argument that neither voluntary or compulsory job cuts should take place, because our resistance so far has been united around defending education as well as jobs.

Students need to stay united with our staff and we need to continue to develop ways to express practical solidarity that will strengthen the campaign for no job losses, and no education cuts.

We can start doing this by joining the UCU rally on Thursday 4th March in Victoria Gardens (Headrow)  at 1pm

Read the UCU report of the day here

– students and workers united will never be defeated –


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