Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | March 1, 2010

Solidarity with Westminster Students!

Via text from Westminster University at 6.15pm:

‘100 students storm board of governors meeting and confront management, 40 now occupying VC’s office and are not going to leave!’

Leeds University Against Cuts today voted overwhelmingly to offer our solidarity with students in occupation at Westminster uni. We stand side-by-side with them in our united resistance to the national wave of attacks on education.

Read more on the occupation here

Send messages of solidarity to:

email: or

ring/text: 07595 738 396

The National Wave begins!

Over 200 staff and students at the University of Westminster have protested, stormed the board of governors meeting and are currently in occupation, vice-chancellors office, in regard to recently proposed tutoring and administrative job cuts… [read more]



  1. URGENT: call for solidarity from Sussex University Stop the Cuts

    Just days after the University Management called riot police onto campus to break up a peaceful student protest, six activists in the Stop the Cuts campaign on Sussex campus have been suspended. The campaign is fighting to defend 115 lecturers who are facing redundancy. On the same day as the UCU lecturers’ union voted overwhelmingly for strike action – on the biggest turnout in the union’s history – the Vice Chancellor has invoked a dranconian statute in the University’s rulebook to indefinitely suspend six students without due process or evidence. This is a blatant attempt to intimidate students who are opposing management plans to damage our education and attack our teachers.

    You can see the footage of the police attacks on youtube:

    Please visit the campaign blog and sign the online petition to get the students immediately reinstated – if you’re a student, please state your university in the comments section:

    And email the Vice-Chancellor Michael Farthing making your thoughts known:
    Or phone: (01273) 678088 or
    (01273) 678028

    Please forward this message far and wide.

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