Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | April 29, 2010

Classics Dept. is latest casualty of ‘Economies Excercise’

This has been circulated:

“The Department with much regret and in response to severe economic
pressures, has formally proposed to the School of Humanities (21/4/10)
that the full degrees in Greek, Latin and Classics should be discontinued, with a final intake in September 2010.

The proposal was considered by the School and is now being referred upwards to the Faculty of Arts. So the present position is that Classics has made a proposal, and we are awaiting the outcome.”

Although a decision may not be made for several months, students at Leeds need to act now, to bring pressure on management not to make cuts to education.

The 6-figure salaries of the university management, along with the multi-million £ building  programme that Michael Arthur in his infinite wisdom has embarked upon, represent huge sums of money that would be better spent keeping staff on the payroll, students in their lectures, and knowledge in the air.

Get involved in the fight to defend classics at Leeds here



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