Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | April 30, 2010

LUU Exec’s wishful thinking exposed?

An e-mail has been sent round which has a typo wrongly stating Motion 1 passed when in actual fact thanks to all your good selves, it failed.

The Campaigns and Democracy department assure us that it was nothing but a casual typo and, except for Education First, we have no reason to doubt them. The next Newsletter will mention the mistake in the last, and the website contains this correction:

Oops – how embarrassing! We apologise for any confusion caused in this week’s email newsletter (sent Thursday 29th April). We incorrectly wrote that Motion 1 ‘Should LUU oppose industrial action on campus that negatively impacts on the education of students?’ had passed in the referendum when it actually failed. We are very sorry for our error.

Embarrassing indeed, particularly as the defeat of Motion 1 represents LUU’s unequivocal rejection of the anti-lecturer, anti-strike attitudes promoted by the outgoing Exec since the ‘economies exercise’ was announced.

So just to make it clear: Motion 1 failed. LUU will not oppose industrial action, it has no democratic grounds to do so.

Meanwhile the campaign against cuts goes on, with the proposed closure of the Latin, Greek and Classics degree programmes announced recently.

The fight to defend education at Leeds goes hand in hand with the fight to create a more democratic, campaigning union that organises students to stand up for our interests collectively rather than using us as a tool in the management’s attack on our staff.


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