Leeds University Against Cuts is a group of students, workers and members of the community who oppose the proposed £35 million cuts to the University’s annual budget. The cuts were announced last year in anticipation of a squeeze on funding from the government.

These cuts affect every department, and with 700 jobs under threat last year, the UCU union threatened strike action, resulting in negotiations that will lead to several hundred voluntary redundancies.

This, and further attacks to come will result in a lower standard of education for students at Leeds. Under the proposals staff-student ratios could rise from 16.3-1 to 20-1. Modules could be cut and remaining staff will be overworked.

As a group we had significant success last year, when we forced the students’ union executive to withdraw their anti-strike, anti-lecturer ‘Education First’ campaign.

We also campaigned to support the UCU in their dispute with the uni management.

This year we look forward to deepening our links with our lecturers and staff at uni, and working to mobilise every student who opposes cuts to jobs, wages and education to fund the bankers’ crisis.

Building on the successes of last year, we can build Leeds University Against Cuts into a group that can voice the opposition of students and work alongside the national anti-cuts movement.

We meet Mondays at 5pm in the union to plan and organise how to stop these cuts. Everybody is welcome.


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