Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | February 28, 2010

Student rally ends in Parkinson sit-in


On Thursday 25th, around 100 students and dozens of lecturers attended a rally called by Leeds University Against Cuts to support the UCU, and demonstrate students’ anger with cuts.

The UCU had been due to take 3 days of strike action on the 25th Feb and 2nd and 4th of March, but the action was called off after management concessions withdrew the threat of imminent job losses.

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Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | February 26, 2010

Leeds students contest union elections

During the recent LUU exec elections Leeds Against Cuts endorsed the following candidates:

-Dan (CIA)
-David (Education)
-Hanif (Welfare)
-Shadin (Community)

Sadly no anti-cuts candidates won, but a turn out of over 300 for Dan shows that the emphasis on campaigning against cuts during the election struck a chord with many students.

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Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | February 26, 2010

UCU strikes called off

The strike action planned to take place on 25th Feb, 2nd and 4th March has been called off by a meeting of the Leeds uni UCU. The decision was taken after securing significant concessions over negotiation procedures from university bosses.

However, management have given no guarantee against compulsory redundancies after the review period – only that they will not continue their disgraceful practice of sacking people while sitting in talks with the Unions.

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Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | February 26, 2010

National Campaign calls wave of action to defend education


Following its first steering meeting The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts is calling for a wave of action to defend education from March 1st. We need a mass, national response to the dire and shameful situation of education and public sector cutbacks, under the banner of:
– Stop the cuts
– End fees
– Tax the rich to fund education

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Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | January 22, 2010

Video from November 19 – Rally at Leeds University Against Cuts

Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | January 20, 2010

Visit to occupied Austrian university

Reclaim your education

This week, I visited the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna, Austria, where a group called Malen Nach Zalen (Colour by Numbers) have been occupying their university since 20th October over a variety of issues, the main one being the threat of a complete change of structure to their entire degree programmes. Following a demonstration around 100 people occupied the main building of the Academy and it has been a very successful move. There are a few lessons which I believe can be learnt by us whether or not ours ever involves an occupation…

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Support your teachers – stop the cuts!

Make Leeds University Union defend students, not profits

Leeds University Union have launched a new campaign called ‘Education First’. But far from acting to stop the £35 million in cuts we are facing, the campaign actually sides with university management and against staff who are acting to save our teaching quality and their jobs.

The Education First Campaign aims to get students to stop their teachers in the UCU union from taking strike action, and repeats management’s rhetoric on their website. The student union are trying to make us complacent about the devastating reality the planned 10 % cutback will really have on our education. And here’s how:

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Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | January 4, 2010

University and College Union respond to announced higher education cuts

UCU have described further cuts in higher education as a ‘Christmas kick in the teeth’ for both staff and students.

The union said the cuts were not cost free and would lead to job cuts, larger class sizes and universities contributing less to both the economy and society. In the ‘grant letter’ from business secretary, Lord Mandelson, to the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) chairman, Tim Melville-Ross, the government said it was reducing HEFCE’s grant by 6.6%, including additional cuts of £135m to ones previously announced.

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Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | January 4, 2010

Leeds strike on cards if arbitration fails

Union members at the University of Leeds will be balloted on industrial action next week unless last-minute arbitration talks produce a deal on job cuts. The Leeds branch of the University and College Union will commence talks with university management on 5 January through the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, with a final meeting scheduled for 11 January.

UCU wants the university to rule out compulsory redundancies in its current efficiency reviews, which the union has warned will lead to 700 job losses. If no solution is reached through the Acas talks, UCU will ballot for industrial action.

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Posted by: leedsuniversityagainstcuts | December 10, 2009

UC Berkeley re-occupied by students who oppose cuts

Having barricaded themselves in Wheeler Hall on November 20,  the last day of a three-day strike, UC Berkeley students who oppose cuts to public education in California returned to Wheeler Monday night, Dec. 7.

But this time they said that they were appropriating the space for educational purposes rather than “occupying” it. The avowed intention of the protesters this week is to show that the university should rightfully be governed and run by those whom it directly affects: the students who learn in it, the faculty who teach in it, and the staff who provide services and maintenance.

This campus community has “shown the world that we can shut this university down,” the protest announcement says. “Now, we show that we can run our public university the way it should be—by the public.” The current aim is to transform Wheeler Hall into a “24-hour open university” during a week on campus that has traditionally been called “dead week”—a time at the end of the school term when students prepare to take their final examinations and hand in their term papers.

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