What can we do to stop the cuts?

1 Come along to the next planning meeting to help organise action against the cuts. Everybody welcome!

Join the Facebook group to find out details of upcoming meetings and events.

2 Send emails to the following people to tell them what you think about their unilateral decision to slash the university’s resources:

Vice Chancellor Prof. Michael Arthur  –

Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Vivien Jones

Deputy-Vice Chancellor

3 Most importantly – get involved in building the campaign on campus. The Leeds Against Cuts group has been supporting and establishing anti-cuts groups in as many faculties and schools as possible. If you are worried about cuts that will dramatically affect the quality of your education, then contact us for help in setting up a group.

By building resistance to the cuts rooted in every school and department we can make our campaign many times stronger and win greater influence among students.

4 The weekly general meetings will hear reports back from different groups established on campus and decide on decisions and policies democratically voted on by the mass meeting.

The group’s steering committee exists to ensure the democratic decisions of the group are carried out in between the weekly meeting, and to ensure that all the resources, materials, contact details, rotas etc, are distributed amongst the group.

– If you oppose cuts, then Leeds Against Cuts is the group that needs you to get involved.

Leeds Uni – Live it Love it Fight for it


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