We’re trying to organise Faculty Meetings in each department – Here is a script which you can edit and send to the UCU Rep of your department if you want to organise your own meeting!

To find out who your Faculty Rep is, visit http://www.leeds.ac.uk/aut/

Key things to bear in mind when asking are –

Try to fit to a lecturers schedule – we usually have a lot more free time than they do, so go with what suits them.
Ask your undergraduate office if they can send out a mass email to every student in your dept. I can only speak for POLIS but they’re usually very good on this front, and will send out pretty much anything.
Attempt to get your lecturer to mention the meeting to other staff – the more staff and students in the same room the better!

Dear <UCU Rep for your School/Faculty>,

My name is <name> from Leeds University Against Cuts, a student-lead action group set up to fight cuts and support lecturers here at Leeds. We are trying to further student-staff solidarity on campus, so that we can fight cuts and job losses together. As you may be aware, there was a protest of over 200 people on the 25th, which lead into a sit-in in the Parkinson Building; during which we had a mass meeting that discussed ways that we could continue to build solidarity and raise awareness of the cuts on campus. One of the most popular ideas raised was to hold Faculty-specific meetings, in which students and lecturers from a particular department could cometogether and discuss the nature of the cuts in their Faculties.

As you are the UCU Rep for my Faculty, it would be fantastic if you would agree to speak at such a meeting, which we would be looking to hold in the week starting the 8th of March.

If you would be interested in helping out with something like this, please get in touch and hopefully we can arrange something in the near future,

In Solidarity,

<year of study and course>
<email and mobile number>


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